True Options for the Effective Now for You Regarding the Use of Coaxial Power Connector

There are different screening methods for cables performing various tasks. This is a foil screen, a woven screen and a combination of foil and braid. Braid – a screen that is made of a set of thin conductors woven in the form of a grid, encompassing a central conductor with an internal dielectric.

The Feature of the Braid

The braid usually has less resistance than the foil, and is characterized by better resistance to extraneous electromagnetic field and electromagnetic interference. The leads have a different character and origin. This can be both low-frequency interference (for example, from an industrial power network) and high-frequency (HF noise from the operation of electronic devices and the sparking of electric machines).

The Screens

The braid can be combined with other kinds of screens, for example with aluminum or copper foil, which give the greatest value of screening efficiency, because The foil allows to provide up to 100% screening in combination with a braid (see Figure 1). Given that the braid can provide shielding efficiency up to 90% to get 100%, two braids are needed, which significantly increases the cost of the cable, its weight and reduces the flexibility. It is much easier to achieve 100% screening efficiency by combining braids and foils. The effectiveness of shielding coaxial cable can be judged by its design: the higher the density of the external conductor (screen), the greater the value of this parameter.

The Cable Options

  • The coaxial power connector in which the screen is aluminum foil or wrapping foil material is not suitable for television observation systems (STN). Such cables are commonly used to transmit radio frequency signals in transmission systems and in signal distribution systems from a collective antenna.
  • Cables in which the screen is made of aluminum or foil can distort video signals so much that the image quality falls below the level required in surveillance systems, especially when the cable length is large, so these cables are not recommended for use in STN systems.

The external enclosure provides the necessary protection for the internal components of the cable. The sheath protects the cable from climatic, chemical attack and protects from sunlight. According to the type of sheath, the cables can be divided into standard and special versions.


Solving the Health Problems with Bissap

Hibiscus has long been used for the treatment of many health problems in Africa, high blood pressure and complaints of the liver. In the Western world it was mainly used as a seasoning in the composition of herbal tea. Now people are convinced of their blood pressure lowering properties. Bissap is very rich in: protein, lipid, minerals and vitamin C and is also an antioxidant.

Properties of hibiscus (bissap):

  • Cholesterol and triglyceride lowering
  • Moisturizing
  • Liver protection
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Degreasing on the bladder and urinary tract
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Reduces blood

Recipe: juice from bissap for 2 liters of juice


200 gr hibiscus (bissap)

2 sachets of vanilla sugar

250 gr sugar

Pre-order of the recipe:

Step 1: wash the flowers and place them in a pan with 2 liters of water and boil for 20 minutes until the water is pink / red.

Step 2: Cool for 10 minutes and then remove the bissap flowers with a sieve

Step 3: Add the sugar and vanilla sugar to taste and mix well

Step 5: Put in the refrigerator and serve cold.

We got the idea to put bissap on the blog through the summer and through my lecture about Mauritania, because there, and in other parts of Africa, bissap is a typical drink.


A ladle

2 bowls

A pot / bottle to keep it

A sieve


1 cup of hibiscus flowers

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

A few sprigs of mint

1 cup of sugar

For 1 liter

1.5 liters of water

Rinse the hibiscus flowers under running water

Put 1.5 liters of water in a bowl, add the hibiscus flowers and cook for 15 to 25 minutes.

The last 3 minutes that the juice boils, you add mint;

Then you sieve the juice and pour it into the other bowl

Then add 1 cup of sugar and 1 to 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract.

Let it cool well and ready!

To prepare bissap as in Africa we bring a liter of water to the boil and put a cup of dry roselle in it. Immediately stop and let it infuse for ten minutes. Red water seven in a can. It’s not for nothing that the roselle is called red sorrel, Jamaican sorrel or oseille de Guinee in many places. A tea is set and will certainly taste in the coming warm months.

What Special Options You Can Have for the Factoring Options

The Bank, while servicing clients, can also provide them with factoring services. Factoring is an assignment to a bank of unpaid debt claims arising between counteragents in the process of selling products (goods, works, services), and is a type of trade and commission transaction.

Smart Factoring For You Now

The purpose of factoring operations is the timely collection of debts to reduce losses from deferred payment and prevent the appearance of bad debts. The use of factoring speeds up the receipt of most payments, guarantees full repayment of debts, reduces the costs associated with keeping accounts, and ensures the timely receipt of payments to suppliers in the presence of temporary financial difficulties for payers. The factoring loans solutions are perfect in this matter now.

Opting for the Best Company Now

In the country, factoring operations began to be used for the first time in Leningrad in 1989 and later became widespread in many banks of the country. To conduct such operations in banks, departments or factoring groups are created. They are separate structural divisions of banks, acting on the principles of commercial settlement. The factoring department can be conditionally called a “bank inside the bank”. These units have revolving funds, the source of formation of which is the bank’s own funds (profit, funds) and funds attracted by factoring.

The Smart Deals

The relationship between them is established by the bank’s board. In addition, if the factoring department needs to attract additional sources to fulfill its obligations, the bank provides him with a short-term loan. The economic authorities can also provide the factoring department with temporarily available funds for a certain period of time for a fee, which is stipulated in contracts by agreement of the parties. There are also other ways to raise funds for the activity of the factoring department. For example, attracting various deposits or issuing and selling bonds with a fixed annual income. Due to its profits, the factoring department (group) of the bank creates a reserve fund.

The Proper Operations

All operations of the factoring department are accounted for on a separate active-passive account “Bank calculations on factoring transactions”. In the analytical account separate accounts are maintained for each supplier. The results of the activity of the factoring department are included in the general balance of the bank. In factoring operations, three parties are involved:

  1. Factor-intermediary, in whose role the bank acts in the person of its factoring subdivision.
  2. The Supplier.
  3. The buyer.

It watches over the financial condition of suppliers and the solvency of their customers

In terms of the composition of the services provided, factoring can be conventional or confidential. The first is a system of financial services to customers, including accounting, settlements with suppliers and buyers, insurance, lending, representation, etc. The customer retains only the production function. With this form of factoring, enterprises can refuse to maintain their own staff of employees performing the functions that the factoring bank is taking over. This helps to reduce the costs of production and sales of products while maintaining full commercial independence.

What does Apex capital corp factoring mean?

Factoring refers to the sale of receivables in order to carry out incoming payments directly, even if the receivables are due later, and to transfer the default risk and monitoring.

Factoring describes the perspective of the seller of the receivables or connecting customers. It concerns the current sale of short-term receivables to a so-called factoring company (factor). The factoring company pays the receivable to companies, which in turn assigns the receivables of the respective customers to the factoring company. The items of factoring are trade receivables from commercial customers, including customers and debtors. With Apex capital corp the solutions come up.

The purchase of receivables from consumers usually does not take place

The respective seller of the receivables enters into a factoring agreement with the factor, which has a term of at least two years. All claims or only claims to specific customer groups are included in this contract. The factoring agreement often provides for the sale of domestic and foreign claims.

Requirements for factoring companies in factoring

The respective seller of the receivables must fulfill certain basic requirements, including the term, the rights that depend on the receivables, the customer base and the creditworthiness of the connection customers. The term of 120 days (domestic) or 180 days (abroad) should not be exceeded for the receivables to be sold. The amount of the claim must be established and the freedom from the rights of third parties. The customer group of the respective connection customer should be constant and not changeable. Also a guarantee of the creditworthiness and the seriousness of the connection customer should be given, since the factoring company must rely on the fact that the demands actually arose and are paid.

Various functions of factoring

Financing function

The financing function is a pre-financing of the company. The factoring company pays the receivables immediately upon purchase. In business transactions, these would only be received by the customers as granted payment deadlines. The company thus receives the corresponding creditworthiness earlier by the regulation of factoring.

Service functions

In the service function of the factor, the most important thing for the connecting customer is the examination of the creditworthiness of his respective customers as well as the ongoing credit monitoring. In this way, the follow-up customer can largely do without his own debtor management.

Various factoring forms

In the case of genuine factoring, the factor assumes the risk and thus the risk of bad debts. If the function is not taken over, it is a fake factoring. Standard factoring occurs when a factor takes over the financing and the service functions when purchasing receivables.

Maturity factoring is the name given to the fact that as soon as a factor takes over only the collection of the receivables at maturity and thus makes the counterpart value of the receivable counter value available to the subsequent customer only after receipt of payment. In this way, the maturity factoring eliminates the assumption of the financial function as well as the function by the factoring company.

In the case of open factoring, the assignment of the receivables is displayed to the debtor, so that each invoice must bear the reference to the sale of receivables. Furthermore, when introducing factoring, all debtors are informed about factoring.