10 Fun and Chic Dark Ombre Hair Colour Ideas 2018

Dark ombre hair colour ideas are versatile, and that is the reason why they have been trending for the past one decade now. Whether you are looking for a bold rainbow fade or a natural sun-kissed appearance, there is a design for anyone.

It is one of the easy styles to come up with, especially for the ladies. That is not all, Ombre hairdos are super low upkeep, and you don’t need to apply dye on your entire head with dark hair. Take a look of these ten elegant dark ombre hair colour ideas that will instigate your next look.


  • Dark Chocolate to Pale Ombre


If you are looking forward to attaining a high contrast appearance, one of the flawlessly way to achieve the perfect transformation is, to begin with, a fade on the higher lengths of your hair. The dark ombre hair in this haircut fades magnificently to a baby golden blonde.


  • Light Brown Ombre


This style is achieved by painting a balayage ombre. The highlights of brown are started at the base and highlighted with an elusive fade.


  • Dark Grey Ombre


This one begins somewhat at the roots highlighting the style’s confidence. There is a slight shift of the dark gray to a lighter hue that assumes the mauve tones gradually. The mauve highlights augment the movement of the hair.


  • Dark to Purple Ombre


This is a supreme style for the women with black ombre hair and wants a humanmade colour that will blend with their ordinary hair perfectly.


  • Mint Green Ombre On Dark Hair


If you have black hair and you want to try out a muted hue, green is the best to aid you to achieve this. The yellow dashes of your hair will only highlight the dye after pre-lightening, rather than vanishing it. It is an ideal style for ladies with lime skin tones and dark hair.


  • Ombre Highlights on Murky Hair


The most splendid feature about a dark ombre hair is that it can be personalised to frame any face. It is one of the best-preferred hairdos for face-framing ombre styles ever known.


  • Blue Ombre With Frosty Tips


This stimulating haircut fades from a shadier black to a deep blue. The faint starts near the base and the hue becomes livelier as it approaches the mid-lengths of the mane.


  • Delicate Ombre Fade on Dark Hair


This is for the women looking to add some breadth to their hair with less change in their style. It is a sure style to look great on any woman, regardless of the hair or skin type.


  • Golden Melt on Murky Ombre Hair


It is always hard to achieve a smooth transition with a hair with high contrast. However, the artiste for this hairdo just nailed it impeccably. The locks of this auburn have superb tones beginning slightly near the roots.


  • Lavender Ombre


This is an exceptional choice for the ladies with light hair. However, adding some dark twist makes the look more mesmerising.

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